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Welcome to - The Panther Bulletin Board 

This forum is a meeting place for all owners of the Panther Platform from 1979 though 2011. 
Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder and Lincoln Town Car
This includes all sub models Police Interceptor, P71 or CVPI, LX Sport, LX, LS, GS, Signature, Limited and more... 
You will find numerous forums providing information, others to just kick back, relax and get acquainted with other Panther owners.
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  new kid from cleveland ohio
Posted by: jezerinac1989 - 09-16-2017 06:32 PM
78 Views - 6 Replies

hey i joined the forum for some help and to meet some people that appreciate the panther platform as much as i do. a little history with me and the panther platform. my father had an 1988 crown vic and 1989 grand marquis and we were really good with certain police officers and when the new police interceptors were introduced he used to joke and say mine is bigger and they would precede to race alittle fast forward some years and im 21 now and i fell into a hell of a deal of an 1989 grand marquis just looking for some general help and such i do want to make it somewhat of a sleeper not like super nasty i guess you could it a napper lol but i know these cars can put the power down so my names chris and im glad there is still some people who appreciate the panther platform thanks

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  New member from North Texas
Posted by: jakehopt - 09-05-2017 08:32 PM
115 Views - 11 Replies

What's up everyone? My name is Jacob, from the Texoma area. I moved up here a couple years ago from the Dallas area. Super excited to be apart of the community.

Today I picked up my first Panther Platform vehicle, a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis LS w/ 62k miles. I couldn't be happier. It's in pretty decent shape for it's age/mileage, with a fair share of scrapes and dents from the previous owner. Overall though it's all things that can easily be fixed over time, and it's mechanically sound. I can't wait to get to modding and reading up on what all you guys have done and have to teach.

Thanks for existing,

[Image: Pgq9DY5.jpg]

[Image: a0DNSrX.jpg]

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  New member from San Antonio texas
Posted by: Dsmobileauto - 09-05-2017 01:36 AM
92 Views - 7 Replies

I bought my 2000 grand Marquis wrecked from the auction block, I got it running using only used parts from the salvage yard, I still have more work to do on it, but with a total cost of 800.00 including the price of the car I think I'm doing awesome for a 115xxx miles on the car, clean stock interior, I will post a picture of how it currently looks in the morning

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  Greetings from SW Georgia
Posted by: GSP228 - 09-03-2017 07:07 PM
70 Views - 6 Replies

Not new to the car. When I retired I turned in a 1994 P71. My POV for many years was a 1997 P71. Before that I had a 1989 Mercury GM. I just found a low mileage 2006 P74. My grandson is getting the 1997. I have some minor issues with the 06 that I will post about in the proper forum. I hope the folks here are as laid back as those on the FALFiles. Thanks for having me.

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  New CVPI owner from Texas!
Posted by: NotColorblind - 08-27-2017 03:48 AM
230 Views - 16 Replies

I'll start off by stating HOWDY Ya'll!

Glad to be on this forum where everyone shares their love for the Panther.

I am the proud new owner of a White 2007 CVPI with 120k. The previous owner did me the favor of upgrading the interior seats to leather, but they will need to be reupholstered in the near future since they got good use out of them. The paint needs a little love but I wanted a black CVPI so that can be a reality when the money is right.

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  Greetings from Southern California
Posted by: ccain - 08-26-2017 12:49 PM
202 Views - 13 Replies

Hey gang,

I'm Chris and my Panther is a 2008, retired patrol unit from San Diego, painted in Audi Nardo Grey.

[Image: 3SJvywh.jpg?1]

[Image: JNxImuI.jpg?1]

Lots of mods and small repairs are in the works and I'm going to have a bevy of dumb questions, so buckle up guys. Big Grin

But seriously, I'm excited to be here. Thanks to this site and it's members for such a brilliant source of information.

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