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Welcome to - The Panther Bulletin Board 

This forum is a meeting place for all owners of the Panther Platform from 1979 though 2011. 
Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder and Lincoln Town Car
This includes all sub models Police Interceptor, P71 or CVPI, LX Sport, LX, LS, GS, Signature, Limited and more... 
You will find numerous forums providing information, others to just kick back, relax and get acquainted with other Panther owners.
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  New Member from NE Pennsylvania
Posted by: BigMau - Today 07:50 PM
12 Views - 4 Replies

Hello Everyone:

Long time lurker... just signed upRolleyes

Looking to purchase a "low mile" 03 Crown Vic LX. Just test drove this car today and it's a sweet ride!! Just have some questions concerns:

LCM (Light control Module) open recall??? School me on this?? does Ford and the dealers have a replacement and/or is this an easy fix??

I will be towing a small bass boat (under 1300 lbs)?? Anyone tow a boat or utility trailer with their Crown Vic???

Do the 03 Crown Vics have any know problems?? This will be my commuting car for work....

Any advise, tips or links??

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  New Member
Posted by: Byron - 01-18-2017 09:40 AM
63 Views - 11 Replies

What's going on? My name is B & I have an 2003 Marauder.

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  New owner from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Posted by: FloridaSteve - 01-17-2017 09:56 PM
44 Views - 7 Replies

[attachment=2415][attachment=2415]Hello guys. I recently aquired a 2002 P71 that is my new daily driver. It runs nice but needs a little TLC. I do not have any affiliation with law enforcement just heard good things about these cars and wanted one for a while.

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  New P71 owner from Tampa Bay
Posted by: sgoodwyn - 01-16-2017 02:15 AM
99 Views - 13 Replies

    Hello Everyone,

I recently bought my first Crown Vic, a 2008 PI in charcoal, no spotlight, and it has exceeded my expectations. I've had sensible cars my whole life, and I finally wanted something just fun without breaking the bank. I'd considered getting an 80's GM f-body. While cool, they would need a lot to get them running well and looking good again. The CV is no sports or muscle car, but I was surprised at the pickup and the cornering ability.
It's my DD, and it puts a grin on my face when I punch it a little. I put Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's on there, and they stick to the road like glue. Road noise isn't bad at all. I'm not planning to do too much to this car. Some new carpet and maybe recovering the seats (and add some foam support - they are sagging). Down the road I might opt for an upgraded exhaust. First things first. It appears to be in good shape and taken care of, but I think it needs some new belts. I'll probably have the shop go over everything and change the oil, trans, diff fluids, flush the radiator, check the ball joints and bearings. The brakes are good.
I will take advantage of the expertise on this sight. You all have done a great job sharing your knowledge and experience!
Scott G

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  new to this forum
Posted by: Over2tonsofFun - 01-08-2017 04:59 PM
116 Views - 10 Replies

Hi, All.
Just found this forum. I am a long time panther owner. trading my Aerostar on my first one in 2000 a 1989 Crown Vic. she was my sound quality competition car. winning the 2002 USACi 0-150 Pro Sound quality World Championship. She died before I could repeat my championship in 03. then came our 89 Town car. pretty much kept her stock till she was killed in 2014. We also had an 1996 Merc Grand Marque. Also in 2009 owned a 2004 Marauder for a week then got screwed by the dealer.
In 2014 my wife found our field find a 1984 Lincoln Town Signature.
and just last Nov I found my new toy. My 85 Crown Vic 2 dr with 66K on her.

yeah, I have had a few panthers.


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  Hi from northern New York.
Posted by: fordbuff91 - 01-06-2017 03:45 AM
111 Views - 7 Replies

Hello, I am a 25 year old, life long Ford fan. I've always preferred rear wheel drive full frame vehicles. I drove a grand Marquis as a cab driver (and the stupid Dodge caravans), My grandmother used to have a 1988 Lincoln Town Car, while my step grandfather had a 1995 Crown Victoria that had 450000 miles when he sold it to a friend for scrap. Anyway I am looking for a beater budget car after my now ex crashed her Buick Regal. (It's repairable, but I lost my job due to no transportation, as I had an hour long commute.she feels guilty, so she offered to purchase me something for me so I can get back to work.)

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